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Don’t Eat Everything!

By Erik Solbakken CPA | August 13, 2020

My daughter wanted us to play a game with her the other day. I told her I’d be right there as I needed to finish editing a video for my blog. She yelled out…HEY! Come make a video with us playing the game!    So I did. It’s amazing when you look around at regular…

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What’s Your Revenue Model?

By Erik Solbakken CPA | August 5, 2020

Like most accountants, my first firm’s revenue model was driven by billable hours. That’s what I was taught from the very beginning. I thought that the person who billed the most hours wins! But I was wrong…very wrong. It wasn’t until I started looking at my revenue model from a different perspective…that EVERYTHING changed. It’s…

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When More is Less

By Erik Solbakken CPA | July 22, 2020

The entire business community is obsessed with MORE. More CLIENTS…More REVENUE …just get me MORE! But this isn’t always the best route to take. In fact, if your business model is flawed like most accounting firms are …more can kill your bottom line   MORE becomes LESS

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Bottom End Clients

By Erik Solbakken CPA | July 6, 2020

We’ve all had those lower end clients we’ve just kept in our practices. Low price point. Low end work. But it’s easy….so we think we’re making money, right? WRONG. The facts tell us another story. Bottom End Clients DESTROY our Bottom Line.

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The Price Gap

By Erik Solbakken CPA | June 24, 2020

There is a GAP that exists between you and your clients. It negatively impacts your relationship with them …and reduces your profitability. But once you understand why it exists you can end it once and for all

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Hope Billing

By Erik Solbakken CPA | June 17, 2020

It used to drive me crazy when I’d: 1) do a bunch of work for a client, 2) give them my hard earned bill, …and then 3) cross my fingers that they’d be happy and pay it quickly. Nothing changed until I realized the flaw in the model. I realized that HOPE Billing…is DEAD.

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Your Foundation

By Erik Solbakken CPA | June 9, 2020

Every builder knows that the quality of any structure begins with its foundation. Bad foundation = unstable structure. The same goes for your accounting practice. Solid foundation = sky’s the limit.

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Quality NO’s

By Erik Solbakken CPA | June 3, 2020

Most accountants hate hearing the word “NO”. My clients, on the other hand…LOVE it. It means they’re doing something right. But it’s not just any old “no” they want to hear ….it has to be a QUALITY “no” to really count. That’s what this week’s video is all about.

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Five Finger Death Punch

By Erik Solbakken CPA | May 27, 2020

If I had one piece of advice to give accountants (after having spent 30 years in the accounting profession) it would be this… Stop giving your clients a FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH!

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Bad Boards

By Erik Solbakken CPA | April 22, 2020

What does decking and your clients have in common? More than you’d think …and it’s very important. If you’re not vigilant it can have negative consequences to your practice.

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