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The Cart Before The Horse

By Erik Solbakken CPA | June 16, 2021

There’s a crazy GOLD rush going on right now that has CPA firms scrambling. It’s FOMO in its purest form. The problem is most firms have the cart before the horse. There’s something else they need to address first …before they follow the lemmings off the cliff.

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The Gap Between Your Thoughts

By Erik Solbakken CPA | June 10, 2021

This last tax season was hellish for most accountants. I’ve heard from many that it was the worst they’ve ever experienced. As a result, many CPA’s never saw the “light of day” as they were working ridiculous hours. But here’s the paradox. If you worked less…you’d make more. The less you work…the more creativity comes…

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How to Eliminate Client Conflict

By Erik Solbakken CPA | June 3, 2021

Fighting clients to get their records to you, chasing them for missing information, getting pushback on your fees …it never seems to end, does it?! But it can. There is a solution that ends ALL client conflict. And it’s really simple.

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Trust Your Gut

By Erik Solbakken CPA | May 26, 2021

There is an answer to every problem we have. The paradox is that these answers don’t come from analyzing. They actually come from a much higher intelligent source. And you have access to it 24/7. You just need to know where to look.

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How Do You Self-Identify?

By Erik Solbakken CPA | May 13, 2021

Self identity drives how we show up in the world. How we conduct ourselves. How we interact with others. How we deliver value. For CPA’s, how we self-identify directly impacts how much we get paid for our services. Self-identify as a ________ and watch your prices soar.

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The Pain Price Paradox

By Erik Solbakken CPA | May 6, 2021

Why are some client files a complete pain in the ass!? There IS a cause. And the correlation is rather paradoxical. But once you see it, you can reduce your stress load and increase your profitability in one easy shift.

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We’re In This Together

By Erik Solbakken CPA | April 27, 2021

The late nights and long hours grinding out tax returns used to make me feel isolated and alone. My family and friends didn’t understand…even though they tried. But there are those who “get it” and have found a way out. The key is to surround yourself with those people. That is the key to your…

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3 Keys To Ideal Clients

By Erik Solbakken CPA | April 22, 2021

When I first started in accounting I took every client that came my way.  If they had a pulse and a check book, I’d said yes.  I thought I had to do that in the beginning. But eventually, it came to backfire on me. I now recommend every CPA use 3 Keys to clearly define…

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Cut The Dead Wood

By Erik Solbakken CPA | April 15, 2021

CPA’s deserve to make a great income. We went to school for a long time to get our professional designations. So it’s only natural that we get compensated for that, right?! Then why do most of us not make nearly what we should? What destroys accounting firm profits more than anything else? What’s holding us…

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By Erik Solbakken CPA | April 8, 2021

One little four letter word. It stifles, it paralyzes …and it cripples. How do we free ourselves from it? The solution is simple…

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