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Accountant Success Formula Book

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Accountant Success Formula Book

What You’ll Get
Out Of The Book

I'm a CPA and I'm proud of that.

What I'm NOT proud of is how the accounting profession has conditioned us into accepting an outdated and oppressive business model.

As a result, we have accepted that:

  • our WORTH is based on how many hours we work,
  • CLIENTS are naturally price sensitive to our services, and
  • tax time just has to SUCK.

After working 26 years in public practice, updating my own business model and now seeing the amazing results my coaching clients are getting I know that these accepted consequences are LIES.

This book outlines how these lies have kept all of us oppressed and exactly how YOU can re-claim your FREEDOM.

  • make an amazing INCOME,
  • attract IDEAL clients, and
  • get the TIME you deserve to enjoy your LIFE...

“Working with Erik has been so inspiring. Not only does he know the industry and have the experience to back things up, he is extremely motivational.”

Damon Pallan, CPA, CA

Partner,​ ​CPCM​ ​&​ ​Co.

“Erik’s strategies allowed our firm to generate higher profits and consistent cash flow.”

Martyn​ ​Stimpson,​ ​CPA,​ ​CGA

Owner,​ ​Stimpson​ ​|​ ​CPA

Within 24 hours of his first exposure to the Accountant Success Formula™ approach he closed a client at 73% higher than he ever would have been able to recover under the old traditional model. As Andrew says, “The Accountant Success Formula™ literally sells itself!

Andrew Pitre, CPA, CA

Within a few months of working the Accountant Success Formula™ model, landed her first $6,000/month client and had another $384K of annual revenue in the pipeline

Milene Forte, CPA, CA

Two $25,000/month clients closed using the Accountant Success Formula™ approach.

Peter McFadden, CPA, CA

Closed a special project at $45,000 MORE than he ever would have received under the traditional billing model

Shawn Tulley, CPA, CA

After learning of your teachings, I can say that after nearly 30 years in practice I have done everything wrong. I am now implementing ALL of Accountant Success Formula™ recommendations into my practice. 
Thank you Erik, for inspiring me to reinvent my practice!” 
Jeff Calhoun, CPA, CGMA, PMP

Before I met Erik, I was unhappy with my practice, I felt stressed and this negatively impacted my health. I now have a lot more confidence in myself as I continue to apply the strategies that Erik has given me. I highly recommend the Accountant Success Formula™ to anyone who wants to improve their practice and enjoy a stress-free life. Thank you Erik - from the bottom of my heart.” 

Priti Lad, CPA, CGA