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“Claim Back Your FREEDOM”

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What You’ll Get
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I'm a CPA and I'm proud of that.

What I'm NOT proud of is how the accounting profession has conditioned us into accepting an outdated and oppressive business model.

As a result, we have accepted that:

  • our WORTH is based on how many hours we work,
  • CLIENTS are naturally price sensitive to our services, and
  • tax time just has to SUCK.

After working 26 years in public practice, updating my own business model and now seeing the amazing results my coaching clients are getting I know that these accepted consequences are LIES.

This book outlines how these lies have kept all of us oppressed and exactly how YOU can re-claim your FREEDOM.

  • make an amazing INCOME,
  • attract IDEAL clients, and
  • get the TIME you deserve to enjoy your LIFE...