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3 Mental Phases

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Mind Set Sales

Billing clients can be VERY stressful…especially when you’ve done a bunch of extra work on their file.

I’ve since realized there are 3 mental stages we go through during this “billing dance”.

The real key is to get yourself to the HIGHEST phase – and STAY there!


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Business Model

Are price sensitive clients bringing you down? 

You’d be SHOCKED at the negative impact low priced clients have on your bottom line

I thought I’d give you a quick illustration of what I’m talking about…

We’ll call it the PIAC  🙂

The #1 KEY to Profit

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Business Model Sales

What is the #1 Key to Profit in your accounting practice?

  • Right client mix?
  • Right staffing levels?
  • Right service offering?

All these are important…but they don’t take the #1 spot.

It took me a while to figure this out when I ran my own firm.

But when I did…my bottom line BLEW up!


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Sales Training

Every great song, performance and presentation is built between the two MOST important parts:

The OPEN and the CLOSE

Get this wrong in your accounting practice…

and it will dramatically effect how your clients view their experience with you.

Start Soaring

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Business Model Mind Set

As an accountant you want to have a successful career.

To be respected…to work with ideal clients

…to make a great income…to have freedom.

But there’s ONE thing that will hold you back on this Path to Freedom.

One thing that will hold you back from soaring…

Instant Results

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Business Model Mind Set

The world today is all about instant access to information, instant gratification and instant results.

We accountants don’t fall for this “instant results world”.

We know building a successful career takes dedication, hard work and time.

But there’s ONE key to success that so many accountants miss…

What You Don’t Know

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Business Model Mind Set

I was just going on stage and I thought I’d shoot this quick video.

There was a phrase someone had just said that reminded me of accountants and I wanted to share it with you.

It’s a phrase that normally serves us well and allows us to be the #1 trusted advisor to our clients.

However…it’s also a HUGE blind spot for many of us.

The Grind

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Business Model Mind Set

As I was going on a hike, the Arizona heat was getting to my daughter.

She was complaining and it reminded me of accountants during this time of year.

It’s tax season and accountants everywhere are in “The Grind”.

…but it doesn’t have to be like this.

There is a WAY out to free yourself from this annual suffering.

Rugby Sevens

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Business Model Mind Set Sales

Now this was a fun video to make. 

If you’ve never been to a rugby sevens tournament you should really watch to the end of this. 

It’s crazy what people will do…

…me included.

What’s even more crazy is what some people will pay.

Which got me to thinking about pricing your services for some of your clients.

Client Guilt

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Business Model Know Your Client Mind Set

Why do accountants feel so obligated ​to take care of clients…​​…forever?

​Is it a feeling of guilt that makes us keep clients that no longer fit?

​It doesn’t make any sense.

​In any other industry they would get rid of the ​dead weight quickly to ensure the ​health of their business.

Accountants should do the same.

Thomas Paine (1776)

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Business Model Mind Set Training

I recently came across a great quote from 1776 that perfectly summarizes the state of mind of most accountants.

It perfectly explains why they initially react so negatively to the suggestion that there is a superior way to run their practices.

But there is.

And those you adopt it…reap the rewards.

It just takes a willingness to question your thinking.

To question the status quo.

Herding Cats

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Business Model Know Your Client Sales

Chasing clients used to be a major pain for me.

I once heard someone say it’s like trying to herd cats.

So true.

We end up chasing clients:

  • to get their year-end books into us
  • to provide us with missing information
  • to pay our outstanding invoices!

…but I found a solution to the “Herding Cats” problem.

It completely took away my stress.

I’m going to share that solution with you.

Digging A Hole

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Business Model Sales

There’s been a ton of rain falling on the WestCoast this year which caused our basement to flood.

Luckily a friend of mine owns a company that specializes in perimeter drains and we were able to find the root cause of the problem.

It reminded me of the root cause of the accountant’s problem with their business model.

Both are self created.

Like digging yourself a hole.

Breaking The Lies

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Business Model Mind Set

There are 3 lies the profession has fed every accountant.

These lies keep us oppressed and chained down.

The longer you live with these lies…the more they feel normal.

The worst part is most accountants don’t even realize what these lies are.

So I’ve decided to do something about it.

Price Sensitive Clients

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Mind Set Sales

Been speaking to a lot of accountants lately and all of them have been complaining about how price sensitive their clients are.

What most of us don’t realize is that we are partially to blame for this price sensitivity.

Ain’t that a kick in the pants!!!

Cleaning Carpets

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Business Model Mind Set

You won’t believe the conversation I had with the guy who cleaned my carpets.

But when you look at the underlying model you’ll see that many of us are guilty of the same thing to some extent.

It was just another example of why accountants need to stop focussing on efficiencies in their accounting practices.

Changing Seasons

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Business Model Mind Set

My daughter LOVES playing in the pumpkin patch.

Got me to thinking about how the changing seasons make accountants feel.

More specifically…how they feel about the always upcoming TAX season.

There is a solution to the madness.  It just takes a willingness to question the status quo.

Durango MasterMind

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Business Mind Set Training

This is a quick video I shot in Durango Colorado.

I was attending a high level two day MasterMind with 12 other business owners from around the globe.

MasterMinds are incredibly powerful…and they are amazing for accountants as well.

The real Key is how you structure them…

Telephone Tag

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Business Mind Set Training

If there’s one thing that drives me crazy, it’s playing telephone tag with clients.

They call you – you’re busy – you call them back – they’re busy….and on and on it goes…

It wastes time and is completely unnecessary.

Use the concept of your 3 choices (A,D or E) to solve the problem and free up your time so you can provide real value to your clients.

Why WIP?

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Business Model Sales Training

Something that comes up regularly with many of my new coaching clients is the sheer amount of WIP they’re carrying in their accounting practices.

In this video I explore why WIP occurs in the first place and give you 5 questions to ask yourself about your WIP.

Ultimately, I think the REAL question is…

Why even have WIP?

Make Some Noise

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Business Mind Set Training

Life as an accountant isn’t all about the work that we do or the value that we provide our clients.

It’s also about the freedom we can create for ourselves. To be able to spend time doing the things we love to do – outside of our practices.

This is a super quick quick video about what I love to do.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you love to do in your time away from the office.

Take a Break

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Business Model Mind Set

Summertime is here and accountants everywhere are starting to take well deserved holiday time.

But when you’re taking time away from the office are you really giving yourself a break…

…or are you just changing where you’re working from?

It took me awhile to figure it out.

When I did it changed who I was when I returned back to the office.

3 Choices – A, D or E

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Mind Set

Accountants are always busy.   Busy busy busy.

Every time I ask, “How are you are?”  it’s always the same answer…”I’m soooooo busy!”

Have you ever stopped to analyze exactly what you’re doing that keeps you so busy?  If you’re like me you’re probably doing some (if not a lot) of things you shouldn’t be doing.

Here’s what I do about what I shouldn’t be doing.

It comes down to 3 choices – A D or E.

You get to choose.

5 Ways to $600K

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Business Model Mind Set Sales

How are you going to get to your revenue target in your accounting practice?

My wake up call happened after advising a client on her start-up business.

The answer was so simple I felt like kicking myself.

Crunch the numbers and then you can decide which route you want to take.

The choice is yours.

Get Your Sh*t Together

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Business Model Mind Set Training

*****  WARNING: If coarse language easily offends you then don’t watch this video. 🙂  *****

I had to get something off my chest as I’m tired of seeing so many accountants living in hell for the months of January to April.

There are 3 glaring things that need to be said about this time of year….3 things that are going to sting a little bit.

Actually, they should sting a lot.

The good news is that you CAN do something about this if you’re seriously sick and tired of working this crazy way.


Coaching & Success

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Business Mind Set Training

One of the secrets to success for all top performing individuals is they have a coach.

From sports legends to the most successful business people the answer is always the same.  They get coaching.

In this video I talk about 3 benefits, I experience with my own business coach.

Coaching & Success go hand in hand…

Happy New Year…or Unhappy Same Year?

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Business Business Model Mind Set

January is a time when people look forward to a New Year full of opportunities to change and to have new life experiences.

Sadly, accountants don’t have the same feelings about the beginning of a New Year like everyone else.  They are normally dreading the thought of the oncoming “busy season”.

What’s your New Year going to be like?

Will this be a Happy New Year for you…or an Unhappy Same Year?

The #1 Must-Read if You Want to Run a Profitable Accounting Firm

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Business Model

In this quick tips video I share the most valuable concept you need to transform your practice and your success as a professional accountant.

The old school model of charging for our time is flawed and needs to be replaced.  Most other businesses already follow the model I’ll show you in this video as it’s basic economics.

But once you apply it in your own practice, you’ll never look back.