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Before working with Erik, I was on the billing treadmill. I was dealing with the anxiety of billing every month and wondering whether the amount should be the same as last year. I was ultimately struggling with my self-worth in the billing process. I was spending 25-30 days a year doing billings, chasing AR, and dealing with our clients’ questions on bills. After Erik suggested using the Accountant Success Formula, it became clear to me that I had to change how I ran my practice, as those 25-30 days could spent making more money or having more time with my family.

Working with Erik has been so inspiring. Not only does he know the industry and have the experience to back things up, he is extremely motivational. He has helped me get the confidence to run my practice for greater profitability and to only take on clients who appreciate the value I provide. This transformation has also led me to look at my current client list and gain the courage to only work with clients who meet my ideal client attributes. This has been key in transforming my practice.

I’m super inspired about what has happened to my mindset and my practice in the months spent working with Erik. This is a process and it takes time, yet so far I’m not looking back — I’m moving forward with this new way of practicing and living.

Thank you Erik.

Damon Pallan, CPA, CA
Partner, CPCM & Co.