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Embracing Change

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In this week’s video, I’m travelling again.

But something’s different.

I feel a “change” in the air.

Change – that scary word for most of us.

We can either embrace it,
or suffer from it.

The choice is ours.

What will you choose?

You can watch this week’s video here:


  1. Candy D on October 23, 2023 at 7:59 am

    I needed this today, thank you. I changed to the Accountants Success Formula last year which was terrifying but ultimately gave me the best year of my career. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago I lost my biggest client as they have grown quickly as so too did my workload (about 3x). After completing the year end I discussed the need to increase their rates accordingly, going forward, and their decision was to find someone else do to the majority of the work for a fraction of the cost and retain me solely for corporate taxes (which includes SRED) and financial reporting. I realized their extreme fee sensitivity and lack of appreciation for the value of my services meant I needed to let them go entirely. This is a rare circumstance in public practice but their contract with me was 80% of my monthly revenue due to the sheer scope of the engagement (monthly bookkeeping services included as they have complex accounting needs to due to various funding that require project reviews and audits).

    This leaves me in a place where I am suddenly unable to meet my own corporate and personal obligations (financially) which I was vastly unprepared for (I’m aware there is a lesson there).

    I have repeated the Serenity Prayer over and over in my head, accepting what I cannot change (in this moment) and have managed to remain calm but this is absolutely a moment of “change” I can either accept or freak out about. Ultimately, I am proud to have stood firm regarding my value and the value of the services I offer. Though I am aware this leaves me struggling in the moment, it opens room for new clients with an appreciation for the high value services I offer.

    Still, I needed to hear this today. Thank you!

    • Erik Solbakken CPA on October 23, 2023 at 10:48 am

      I’ve been exactly where you are Candy. I had put too much reliance on one client and it put me in a conflict but more importantly exposed me to huge downside when the eventually left. A very wise man once told me that every client will leave you so treat them as temporarily with you and leave them better off than when you found them. I think most accountants don’t think this way because when we get a client we think we keep them for life. I’ve sent you a private email to this as well. Stay strong!

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