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How to Attract Talent To Your CPA Firm

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How to Attract Talent To Your CPA Firm

There’s a problem that I’ve heard from multiple accounting firms over and over again…they just cannot figure out how to attract talent to their CPA firms. This is a major epidemic quite frankly.

Finding quality staff and team members to work in your accounting practice is a complete pain in the ass. And why is this the case? Why is it so hard to find people? 

Your Firm Is Using the Wrong Business Model

I can tell you why. From my experience, no one wants to go into the profession right now. When you think about it, why would they? Why would you go into a profession where people are notoriously overworked and undervalued? Because that’s the truth of what’s going on everywhere across the globe. People are overworked and undervalued.

Clearly, that’s why we’re not attracting top-quality people into the profession. It’s because of the oppressive business model many accounting firms still use. I truly believe that accountants are being held back from the freedom they deserve because of this business model. If you want to attract quality people to work with you, you have to have a quality business model for them to work with. 

Why would someone want to come out of university and then go into a heavy CPA program to basically be overworked and undervalued? It doesn’t make any sense. That’s why in the Account Success Formula I show how to shift the model so not only can you make great money, you can attract the right clients and get free time. This is what I refer to as the three freedoms. This is how you also attract quality people into the accounting profession. 

Get People Lining Up Out Your Firm’s Door

One of the firms that I’m working with, when they have an interview process, people literally want to come work for them. They have people lining up waiting to come in because of this freedom model. It’s an updated model, not the oppressive one. 

If you’re looking to attract the right people into your accounting practice, and you’re looking for quality people think about this…you need to have the right business model. It’s not about all the other perks and benefits and all the other frilly bullshit things. That’s crap! What they need to do is know that they’re coming into a CPA firm that has a business model that’s going to work for them. They want to know you’ll give them the freedom that they deserve. 

I’m Erik Solbakken, reminding you that when you take back control of your business model, you can take back control of your life. Stay tuned for more success tips.

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