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Price Sensitive Clients

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Mind Set Sales

Been speaking to a lot of accountants lately and all of them have been complaining about how price sensitive their clients are.

What most of us don’t realize is that we are partially to blame for this price sensitivity.

Ain’t that a kick in the pants!!!


  1. Jim Reynolds on December 5, 2018 at 8:07 pm

    Good video and this makes sense. So.. if price is not part of the discussion, then how do we get around any mention of this in our discussions, and still be able to demonstrate a solid value proposition? I’m a pretty new business, so any input back on this would help.

    • Erik Solbakken CPA on December 6, 2018 at 5:22 am

      Thanks Jim. Price should always be part of the discussion. An agreed upon price BEFORE the work is performed.

      What I recommend not doing is saying what the previous accountant charged them was way too much. It’s a common mistake many accountants make when they’re speaking to a prospective client. You’re basically telling the client to focus on price vs. the value you’re about to deliver. Always get the client focussed on the value you’re going to create for them first…once you’ve got mutual agreement on value then tell them YOUR price.

      Never lead discussions critiquing the previous accountant’s bill.

      Hope that helps!

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