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Guide to Value Pricing for Accountants

Guide to Value Pricing for Accountants I have good news and bad news if you’re using the billable hour model for your accounting business. The bad news is that you’re practicing a model of business that is oppressive, suffocating, and of your own doing (yes, it may sound harsh but it needs to be said).…

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How To Recession-Proof Your CPA Firm

 How To Recession-Proof Your CPA Firm Today’s post is about how to recession-proof your CPA firm. As you may have seen in the news, it’s all about recession, recession, recession! Firstly, I want to make it clear that I am not into fear-mongering. Despite the fact that I warn accounting firms about the dangers that…

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How To Eliminate Staff Questions

Why can’t people think for themselves? This is something I used to ask myself when I ran my own accounting practice. Some days it seemed like I was being interrupted every two minutes with a question from someone. But I found a solution to end the constant parade of questions coming my way everyday. Check…

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