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What Is Your Unique Ability?

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What Is Your Unique Ability As An Accountant?

Today I’d like to ask you a very important question. What Is Your Unique Ability As An Accountant?

I am doing this post from another hotel room. Where could I be in Toronto? Clue — CN Tower

I’m here because I’m actually going to be seeing a couple of coaching clients in town, and I’m also in a two-day coaching program. I have a coach myself, and of course, if you are thinking about taking on a coach, — why would you ever get coached by someone who doesn’t get coaching?

My coach is Dan Sullivan who coaches through the Strategic Coach program. His program is the 10x Ambition Program and I was lucky enough to book a 2-day session with him.

I had the first day today and one of the things that I learned from Dan is all about your Unique Ability. It’s something that I wanted to share with you because I see this happening time and time again. I want to dovetail that unique ability with the accounting firms that I work with because it’s an oppressive business model.

I was talking to all these entrepreneurs in the room and they were saying, “Oh, Erik, what do you do?” I said, “Well, I give accountants their freedom back.” “Can you explain it to me?” I was explaining to them the new model that we use in the Accountant Success Formula of moving the accounting firms from the old model to this updated business model. Their response was always something like “Holy crap, that makes total sense!” The business owners love it! The clients of accounting firms love it.

What’s Unique Ability?

Unique Ability or what I refer to as UA is something you do that gives you more energy than you expend on it. You love to do it, people find incredible value in it, and it’s actually really easy for you to do.

When I had my accounting practice, I found that whenever I got sucked into doing administrative work; or dealing with mind-numbing reconciliations, bank recs, bookkeeping, T-1s, and all the garbage I didn’t like – I was not working in my unique ability.

Traditional Model vs Updated Model

The traditional business model is really life-sucking. To simply be cranking out tax returns and pounding it out makes you think you’re getting ahead, which of course you’re not.

I’ve gone over that multiple times before. The thing is when I shifted over to the updated business model, I found my accounting practice changed.  —  I ended up having conversations with clients about how to build their life properly, which I call the Four Planning Pillars conversation and everything changed. I noticed that I was full of energy! I realized that I loved being engaged with my clients, and I wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day like I was when I was just banging out tax returns and crunching numbers like crazy.

Find Your Unique Ability

What’s your unique ability? What’s that thing that you love to do that gives you more energy than you expend on it? What is it that you keep getting better at and it’s so easy for you?

Imagine if you could instead spend more time with clients helping them fix the real problems in their life? Then having clients paying you double… triple… or even quadruple of what they’re paying you now on a subscription model. You’ll never have to chase clients for money ever again. 

The Accountant Success Formula program is for accountants that are sick and tired of the traditional model. The program is for CPAs who don’t realize there’s an updated model that can change your accounting firm. This new business model will ultimately make you way more money, attract ideal clients and give you free time.

Remember, you need to determine what your unique ability is. Are you working in it when you go to work? Do you feel energized or are you getting drained? If you’re feeling drained and you want to change the way you work, reach out, and give me a call. I’d love to have a chat with you.

I’m Erik Solbakken, reminding you that when you take back control of your business model, you can take back control of your life. Stay tuned for more success tips.

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