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How To Pick A Niche In Your CPA Firm

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How To Pick A Niche In Your CPA Firm

Today’s topic is how to pick a niche for your CPA firm and focus on what you really enjoy doing. If you’re not having fun doing your job, then you’ll find that you’re always struggling. It’s going to end up being a grind. 

The Key to Picking a Niche

The key to picking a niche is to find out what you love to do. Think about who you want to serve and what you enjoy doing the most. Is it something that you’re really good at and want to continue improving? If you find that one thing, do it!

You won’t hear this from me often, but if you love bookkeeping, then you should focus on bookkeeping. If you want to do personal tax returns, then focus on that. You should place your focus on what you enjoy doing the most. *Keep in mind that over time, technology and AI will make these roles obsolete (see my blog post here for more info).

I’ve chosen what I love to do. My accounting background has led me to pursue my passion for showing accountants how to update their business models with the value pricing model. I want to help them become their clients’ number one quarterback through positioning, client conversations, and billing. The niche I’ve picked is to work with accounting firms that are sick and tired of the old billing practices and are looking to make more money and attract better clients. I help CPAs find freedom in their lives. 

What Do You Love To Do?

When it comes right down to it, you’ve got to find out what you love to do, and just do that. So if you love bookkeeping, great, do the bookkeeping. If you love the T1s, personal taxes, and 1040s, then fine, do that. But if you’re finding that those are becoming painful and you’re not making the money that you want, maybe you’re a candidate for the Accountant Success Formula program. Or maybe there’s a different coaching program that’s out there available for bookkeepers and the people that just want to do personal taxes. If I’m not the right fit, there’ll be somebody else out there who can help you. But my point is that I’ve found the thing that I love to do. So I focus on it. I have a great time doing it and I make great money doing it. This is what I want for you too…to love what you do and make lots of money doing it.

Who Do You Want to Serve and How Do You Want to Serve Them? 

Remember these two questions…who do you want to serve and how do you want to serve them? Do that and you’ll never work a day in your life. If you’re struggling to decide what your niche could be, feel free to reach out and have a conversation with me. I’ll see if I can help you take the next step towards making more money, having better clients, and having more freedom. 

I’m Erik Solbakken, reminding you that when you take back control of your business model, you can take back control of your life. Stay tuned for more success tips.

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