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Christmas Time & Waterskiing

By Erik Solbakken CPA | December 12, 2018

It’s interesting how the time of year can bring up certain memories. Christmas is one of those times for me. What’s equally interesting is how these triggered memories relate back to my career as an accountant and how we can learn from these memories to fix fundamental flaws in our profession.

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Price Sensitive Clients

By Erik Solbakken CPA | November 29, 2018

Been speaking to a lot of accountants lately and all of them have been complaining about how price sensitive their clients are. What most of us don’t realize is that we are partially to blame for this price sensitivity. Ain’t that a kick in the pants!!!

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1,000 Business Owners

By Erik Solbakken CPA | November 21, 2018

Just got back from a business convention where I presented the Accountant Success Formula™ solution to 1,000 business owners. Every person I spoke to afterwards asked me the same question… …and it confirmed a new opportunity I had been thinking about for some time.

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Cleaning Carpets

By Erik Solbakken CPA | October 27, 2018

You won’t believe the conversation I had with the guy who cleaned my carpets. But when you look at the underlying model you’ll see that many of us are guilty of the same thing to some extent. It was just another example of why accountants need to stop focussing on efficiencies in their accounting practices.

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Changing Seasons

By Erik Solbakken CPA | October 23, 2018

My daughter LOVES playing in the pumpkin patch. Got me to thinking about how the changing seasons make accountants feel. More specifically…how they feel about the always upcoming TAX season. There is a solution to the madness.  It just takes a willingness to question the status quo.

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Durango MasterMind

By Erik Solbakken CPA | October 19, 2018

This is a quick video I shot in Durango Colorado. I was attending a high level two day MasterMind with 12 other business owners from around the globe. MasterMinds are incredibly powerful…and they are amazing for accountants as well. The real Key is how you structure them…

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Telephone Tag

By Erik Solbakken CPA | October 10, 2018

If there’s one thing that drives me crazy, it’s playing telephone tag with clients. They call you – you’re busy – you call them back – they’re busy….and on and on it goes… It wastes time and is completely unnecessary. Use the concept of your 3 choices (A,D or E) to solve the problem and…

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Time to Winterize

By Erik Solbakken CPA | October 4, 2018

This is what happens when I try to do an impromptu video shoot while multi-tasking. It’s only around 90 seconds long and I get the seasons slightly mixed up… …but I’m sure you’ll get the gist of the message.

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By Erik Solbakken CPA | September 26, 2018

For centuries accountants have been fed ​the BIGGEST lie.​​This lie is the root of what holds most accountants back from achieving a truly successful career and life. ​​It’s time to stop believing everything our profession tells us.

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Closing a $6K/Month Client

By Erik Solbakken CPA | September 5, 2018

This was a quick video I shot after receiving an exciting message from one of my Accountant Success Formula™ owners. She had just closed a $6,000/month client and was ecstatic.  Had to share her WIN because I love seeing my clients get results. Also, wanted to let you know how she did it…

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